We were lucky enough to be asked to join for the Sharing Needles With Friends record podcast last night. Thanks to Gene, Derek, and Blake. You can hear the podcast on iTunes…just search for Sharing Needles with Friends, and we’re episode 9. Like them on Facebook to stay up to date with all their weekly podcasts. 

We discussed Saves The Day’s Stay What You Are, along with conversations about .. basically everything. It was an absolute blast. They also filmed Matt and Josh performing an acoustic version of “Tequila and Fake Eyelashes,” so check out the video!

Also, we’re playing this Friday at The Bowery with On My Honor, among others. We’ll see ya there at 8.

Thanks for coming last night, everyone! The show was a dad gum blast (thanks to Pres Pub too!!). We appreciated everyone there and those singing along. Madre and O Youth were freakin’ great as always. 

We’re playing Friday the 28th at The Bowery with On My Honor and others, then on March 7th with Local H at The Well. Those will be our last two shows in town for a bit. Have a good week, urryone!

This Sunday!!

We’re playing this Sunday with our good friends Awful DJ and Zach and Kota’s Sweet Life. The show is at The Well in Knoxville. Come out to see some comedy and music. We’re happy to welcome Josh Lay of Awful DJ home to Knoxville.

Upcoming shows

Hey peeps. We have a couple shows coming up at the Well in Knoxville. Find details under the “shows” tab. Trips to Johnson City, Virginia, Ohio, and Texas are in the works for March through May. We’ll post updates as they arise. Take it easy!!!

Ruins Christmas, by Gamenight ]

Hey pals. We just released our Christmas album!!! It’s somewhat of a joke, but we wanted do something for our friends and fans for Christmas by recording some goofy Christmas songs. Download them for free on our bandcamp site, and share Christmas cheer with your fams. We love you guys!!

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